Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Just a regular old day...with some SPIRIT thrown in!!!

Today is the end of Spirit Week at my school. Why they chose a three day week? I have some suggestions, but they're not important enough to worth mentioning. But the cherry on top of the Spirit Cake is that our grade won. And all we had to do was wear some wigs, some maroon, and some team t-shirts and we were good to go. As easy as that. And what did we get to play then, with the whole school watching? Deal or No Deal.

It was totally reconstructed, except school style. Our school counselor was Howie Mandel (or whatever his name is, I don't care enough to know) with a bald cap on, the teachers were the girls with the "brief cases", which were actually manila folders, a dealer was down in the office on a walkie talkie, and the prizes were up on a computer screen that showed up on the wall. Everyone (and I mean EVERYONE, you should have heard the booing when we lost it) wanted to win the grade dance that was offered as the second greatest prize (the greatest prize was winning a movie in the auditorium). But what did we win? Five extra minutes of lunch. Whoop-de-freakin'-do. And that was the offer from the dealer. Ifthe boy playing hadn't taken that, we would have gotten an apple or a cookie for every person in the whole grade. The other grades were cheering, and we wanted to wring their necks since we were in a bad mood and were all upset at what we'd "won". On the other hand, I was talking (ok, ok, complaining) to the vice prinicipal, and he said he might be able to talk to the prinicipal to at least get us something more that we could celebrate with. Good ol' Dr. Bell.

In other knitting news I finished the lace dish cloth, though I messed up and lost a stitch at one point (probably one of those tricky yarn-overs) and the pattern got out of order. It looks ok to a knitter, but to a non-knitter, you won't notice. Trust me, I asked my mom, and all she said was "What mistake?". I began an entrelac dishcloth, but that didn't work out so well (the side edge started to go sideways and then everything else crashed from there, literally) and was quickly frogged. Then I decided to cast on for the Spiral Rib Bag, but I "misread" the pattern and didn't read the part that said "cast on with waste yarn", which means that I should have used a provisional cast on. And the provisional cast on is what I've been doing (correction, attempting) for the last half-hour before I gave up and decided to do it in the morning. I'll let you know how it goes.

Now I have tomorrow and Friday I get to veg out with no school as well as the weekend. Knitting, here I come!

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