Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The week from hell (or at least limbo)

I know, I know, I haven't been around very often. And I am truly, very sorry. But I have an excuse, and a good one too! My dog didn't eat my computer, and aliens didn't hold me hostage. I was sick with something. What I was sick with? I don't know. But I was sick, let me tell you.

It started off last Sunday, when I was babysitting and started to feel sniffly and very tired. I was sure that it was a cold, though I told the people that I had allergies because that's what they assumed (my eyes were red too). But I knew it wasn't a cold, I could feel it. I can just tell about these things. But I came home, told my mom I felt horrible, and she thought it was allergies too. She gave me a Clarinex and slet me skip dinner. Surprise, surprise, the Clarinex didn't help, and still felt bad, though I managed to eat a lot of Townhouse crackers and two bowls of pasta.

The next day was Monday, and I was grateful that we didn't have school because I felt horrible and I have already missed a lot of days. I went to school the next day though, but I missed Thursday and Friday because of lack of sleep and nausea and a hacking cough. I felt better later afternoon Friday, and invited my friend over to watch Little Miss Sunshine (great movie by the way, but is pretty innapropriate). We ate more pasta and bread and then made plans to go to Close Knit, a yarn store nearby, the next day.

Saturday I felt much better, and was able to go to Close Knit without feeling like I was going to puke. The weather might have helped me feel better as well, because it was a nice sunny day and we were outside for at least half an hour. I got some yarn for my mom's Mother's Day top that she was eyeing since I got needles for ML. We went to the mall and then back to her house. I was planning on sleeping over her house, but couldn't fall asleep and finally left at 1 AM in a frustrated heap. Sunday was horrible, I felt nauseous all day. I ate almost nothing but Saltines and was worried I wasn't going to make it to school the next day.

But, of course, I couldn't get to bed Sunday night. I ended up falling asleep at 1 AM after some Benadryl and a stint at the computer. Monday I made it to school, but was faced with the horror of missing work, disecting frogs, and a test I didn't know about. Yeah, I know, fun day huh?

Last night, I couldn't get to bed again. Not being able to fall asleep is very frustrating. You lie there, thinking about going to sleep with your eyes open and why you can't go to sleep and when will I fall alseep. My mother angrily gave me another Benadryl ("I told you not to come in my room! Why didn't you just stay outside! You're invading my privacy!") at 12 AM. I didn't stay in bed for much longer, and finally decided to camp out at the computer again and wait until my eyelids got heavy. They started to droop around 1:30 AM, and I fell asleep about 15 minutes later. So there's my excuse for not writing. Is that good enough? I told you it wasn't your standard "Dog ate your computer" excuse.
I also started a top down raglan based on http://www.glampyre.com's Boobholder using some cheap Cottonease from Michaels. I'm loving the stuff, though the cotton part of it tends to split a lot and doesn't have a lot of give. The color is a little bit deeper than in the picture, but you get the idea. I'm sick of knitting the stockinette already, but I still have a good ten inches to go. *Sigh* the hardships of knitting.

I recently put my sweater on hold (gladly) to knit dishcloths for my dad's second cousin's wedding shower (I have no idea how she is related to me, but I'll just call her a bride). At first I decided to do http://knitty.com/ISSUEsummer04/PATTpetitchou.html Petit Chou, but I put it off and put it off and finally decided that dishcloths were good enough anyway. I've started one using the English Lace Pattern from Loop-D-Loop's Cashmere Lace Blouse, and I like how it's coming out so far. I only wish I could memorize the pattern though, instead of having to look at it every other row. Maybe memorizing comes with skill

The Lily&Cream is for more dishclothes. I picked this up at Michael's last night, but my dad and I took forever picking out the colors because we didn't know what would go in her kitchen. I really think I should have taken along my mom for that. The Simply Soft is for a Spiral Rib bag from One Skein. I might not have time to get that done though, because the wedding shower is on Sunday. Maybe if I knit fast enough...

One more bonus pic: It's the yarn for my mom's tank. The color is brighter though, but I had to take the picture without the flash because no one wants to see ugly neon orange.

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