Sunday, April 8, 2007

I better get some nice thighs soon (and some socks)

In my language, that means I went hiking yesterday with my dad and brother (and dog) at Ramapo Reservation. It was cold, but beautiful once we reached the top. Besides, I had on a few layers and my hand knit arm warmers and hat with me. I was prepared, don't you fretting mothers worry.

Every time I go up there, I feel like I'm staring down at a tiny piece of the earth from space, or I'm at the top of the world staring down. You get this amazing feeling of hope and happiness and life, all rolled into one. I just love going up there, even if it is a long way up. The view never ceases to amaze me. After we got down from the mountain, it was around 4:30, so we went and ate an early dinner/late lunch sort of thing at KFC (warm, mashed potatoey goodness). I love their mashed potatoes, no matter how fattening. I need some fat.

I also started a pair of socks for the father of the little boy I babysit. He's turning 51 (I think), and I decided to make him a last minute pair of socks. Yes, I used Red Heart Supersaver, for all you yarn snobs out there, but I dare ya to sue me. It was cheap, and it was the only manly color I had with me. Besides, they're washable, and what father of a two year old doesn't like washable? A crazy one, I tell you.
I'm using, Silver's Sock Class. This tute is awesome, but I tried at least five times the night before and kept losing stitches and adding stitches, and I just couldn't get it (I blame it on the lack of sleep and food, considering it was 11:00 and I hadn't had dinner). I went to sleep, knowing it would click in morning and it did. I started with grey Woolease though, but I switched to Red Heart because it doesn't split as much. So far, I'm loving these socks because I always have a bad case of SSS (Second Sock Syndrome, for all you non-knitter's out there, may God have mercy on your souls), so two at a time socks always get my seal of approval. I am using Addi Turbos that cost me three hours of babysitting (which comes up to $21!), but they are definitely worth it. They are the perfect needles. They never snag on the yarn, and no matter how small the stitch, I can always get it on to the needle no problem because the needles are so slippery. Now I'm leaning towards a set of KnitPicks Options, because everyone at KH said they were great. I'm torn between a set of Denises though, because they offer more needle sizes and are cheaper. I will probably end up getting the Options though, because they had then nickel-plated needle like the Addis. Anyone who disagrees with me now, speak now or forever hold your peace.

Here are some more pics from Ramapo. I hope you enjoy!


LuckyIRISHgurl25 said...

Heyy Carmabelle Knitss!!
I love you!! You rock!! ur one of my favorite cousinss<33

Sarah said...

Thanks Jackie, I love you too!

jeanius said...

sounds like you had fun! i too am going to try silvers tute....your sock toes look great!