Monday, April 9, 2007

My Creative Streak

I have this English teacher, see. And she assigned us to find 15 of our favorite poems. "Ok, easy enough," I said to myself and I gathered 15 poems from books and the Internet and brought them in. Then she announced to use that we were going to be writing poems based off of the ones we gathered and that they were due in two weeks. All the mouths in the class literally dropped.

Those two weeks went quickly and the deadline approached: Friday the 30th. After reviewing our poems, the teacher gave us until over the break to bring in the 15 poems which I was especially grateful for because I only had three handed in at the time. But like any obsessive knitter would, I knitted the whole week and didn't bother to write any poems. Enter my panic Sunday night. I realized I had to write a good 11 poems for me to get an A for this project and began frantically gathering new (*cough**cough* shorter *cough**cough*) poems for me to write up, because I had chosen some hard poems and knew I couldn't get the ones I had chosen originally done on time. I found a few good short poems, and managed to write some decent crap (I don't write well under pressure; the mood has to strike me) that hopefully she will accept.

But by the time I had stayed up as late as I could, I only had 11 poems. So I set my alarm for 15 minutes earlier (6:00 instead of 6:15), planning to finish at least 3 more poems and that maybe I could write one in homeroom. Unfortunately, it didn't work that way. I woke up, took a shower, got dressed, got some breakfast, and then sat staring at the computer for five minutes before getting up the mojo to write something. I wrote some stuff and then began to cry because it was even worse than the crap I had written last night. And I couldn't even get it to match up with the rhyme schemes of the other poems on top of that. I went on KH and skipped 2nd period (complaining of a stomachache) which is my English period and everything was fine. I knew I would have to face my English teacher eventually though, so I went to see her after school to hand her my 11 poems. She took one look at me and said "Come to me 1st period so we can look over them then". I can't tell you how happy I was. I didn't even tell her I didn't have the 15 poems, I just nodded and walked away before she used her awesome English teacher powers to realize that I didn't do my homework (teachers are like that, you know). So here, in all there glory, are my favorite poems that I've written.

The Sun Outside
The sky sits snugly in my window
Bright yellow, deep blue and clouds so white
The sun gives off a bright, burning glow
That I adore so often, although
I find I have learned to dread the night.

I sit by my window every day
And cherish watching the waning sun
Flits across sky as if to play
With my eyes and the clouds as its prey
Glad for the games it’s finally won.

Time passes and moments quickly fly
Out of my window and to night
Where the moon appears and rises high.
I lost chance to say good-bye
To my friend the sun and all its light.

Until day arrives, I disappear
To fill my mind with thoughts of the sun
While sleep surrounds me the sky grows clear
As the moon goes down and time grows near
For the dawn to come and light to shine.
Based on “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost

A War Not Over
What happens when we start a war?

Loved ones are gone
And sometimes they don’t come home
Battles are won or lost
We move on
What happens when guns are shot?
The soldiers we knew are dead.
They are brave, we are not

Who will stop the war?
You and you alone.

If not you, then who?
Based on “A Dream Deferred” by Langston Hughes

Baby Bird
Baby bird lies in my garden
Its breathing slows, almost stops
Wings are twisted at its side
In the flowerbed it’s caught.

A walk outside leads me to it
As tears roll down my face
I slide my hands underneath it
To beat its losing race.

I lay it on my pillow
And pat its small wings down
It lets out a tiny cry
So grateful to be found.

I remember that spring day
When the baby bird did die
Its tiny last cry haunts me
Though I know I did try.

Based on “I Have Not Told My Garden Yet” by Emily Dickinson

A Joyous Greeting
The waves eat up the sands
With foamy fingered hands
As light dances down with glee
The clouds you can only see
But the sea has a gentle croon
That calls up to the moon
“Shine on us!” the sea sings
A joyous greeting.
Based on “Nothing Gold Can Stay” by Robert Frost

What Hope Needs
Hope grows like a fire big and bright
Starting out as a spark with no light
It seems there is nothing there at the time
But wait long enough and soon you will find
That the spark is growing at rapid pace
Although the blowing wind is trying to chase
Away the light that the spark is casting
It doesn’t work; light is everlasting
It continues to grow until it is massive fire
Proving that to have hope, you need desire.
Based off “Life” by Sir Walter Raleigh

An Old Man’s Last Memory
I see a man standing with lantern in hand
Light is cast on his feet as he walks toward the tall lighthouse
Only he knows what has happened where he stands
All those joyous years ago when all his loved ones where here

He has shaken and cried to the beat of hearts
Of people close to him. He has laughed with old buddies that
He hadn’t seen in years, because of depart
His life is on this beach, where he comes to see one last time

He heads toward the lighthouse and opens the door
Looking around at what was once his before he grew older
He walks inside and greets the walls before he
Says a teary good-bye to his last living memory.
Based off “I Hear An Army” by James Joyce

My brother never leaves
He never leaves me, but I admit
I have not earned his trust at all
He is kind when I’m mean
And even kinder when I’m not
I don’t deserve it
We are family and will be
Through the hardships that
Continue to test us, brother.
By Sarah Lewis, based on “Kin” by Carl Sandburg

One Kind Soul
Only one kind soul is needed
To make a young person smile
And while only for a while
A new friend is quickly yielded
Based on “The World’s Need” by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Here is also an update on my socks. I have gotten considerably farther due to some car knitting.

I forgot to wish everyone a happy Easter in my sugar coma. So here it is:

Happy Easter everybody!

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