Friday, April 6, 2007

17+30=47 (The number of things about me I have written)

As promised, here is more things about me...I can't say I'll get to 100 though, because I am just to lazy for that.
18) I began knitting in Winter '05, when my friend taught me. I messed up her garter stitch scarf though, causing her to frog it and for her to hate me for a while
19) My favorite knitting magazines are Knitscene and Interweave Knits (so far. I have a tendency to buy out the shelf whenever I go to bookstores that have knitting mags)
20)I always check out a million knitting books from the library and forget to return them because I love looking at the patterns. I never end up knitting anything from the books though. One day I hope to; I'll add it to my things to do
21) I like the winter more than the summer, at least this year. The coming of spring means that school is almost over, and though kids normally like it when school is over, the school year went incredibly fast and pretty soon I'll be at another school
22) I am constantly on the lookout for vintage knitting patterns, though the small gauge tends to scare me away from ever knitting them
23) I am currently on a cotton yarn high, buying lots of CottonEase and Berroco Love It
24) I plan to make things soon, but getting started is also on my list of things to do
25)I have a very long list of things to do
26) Everyone in my family thinks I am over-obsessed with knitting. My mom and brother comment on it, my dad not so much
27) I have lots of allergies, including dogs, cats, guines pigs (ironic, isn't it, that I have all three), ragweed (and what is this stuff?), mold, pollen, poison ivy, dust mites, and more that I can't think of right now
28) I love ice cream, especially black cherry from Maggie Moo's, even though it's $4.06 (don't ask me how I know this price) per cup. I recently found out, after getting my braces changed, that I love vanilla and caramel ice cream. I'm sorry if I have dan addiction, but who doesn't have one?
29) That being said, I find it surprising that i'm not overweight
30) My favorite restaurant is Olive Garden. I always get minestrone soup and chicken giardino, and sometimes get a virgin strawbery daquiri (<---sp?) if the wait is long enough
31) I went to Olive Garden for my birthday, and got some really awesome cake that my mom ate about two days later. I find it surprising that she isn't overweight either
32) Oh, and I also love chocolate cake
33) Can you tell I like food in general?
34) I am Episcolpalian (<---sp? I know, I'm so bad), but I rarely ever go to church. My dad can never get me out of bed early enough to go, and decided to give up a few months ago
35) I knit for the Seaman's Institute at my church once a month. We knit hats, scarves, vest ect. for the men in the navy. This is where I was forced to learn the purl stitch and where my obsession for knitting really began. The only thing I hate about knitting for Seaman's is that we use Red Heart (please, shoot me now)
36) I hope to go to an Ivy League college, like Yale. My mom says as long as I save the money, so so far I have about $1, 110. I know, not that much for college. But it helps in my own little world
37) I try to remember to watch America's Next Top Model every Wednesday, though usually I forget and have to watch the marathons on Vh1
38) I have only gone on an airplane twice, once to Disney in Florida and back. Don't call me pathetic, because my mom hates flying. I call it irrational, she calls me pushy, though I think the latter is worse
39) I mother's helper for this older couple (not that old, like my mom's age) with a 2 yr. old, who is just the cutest thing in the world! I love going, but I tihnk she overpays me at $7 an hour
40) I own my own digital camera, which I got this one for Christmas after I "lost" my old one. My definition of lost, however, was the most odvious place in the world: in my camera case. I found it two days after Christmas. My mom wasn't very happy, to say the least
41) i got tons of yarn for Christmas as well, but i still don't know what to do with it
42) My mom crochets and often confuses calls it knitting. She hasn't been corcheting though lately, but I'm trying to get her to make someone a hat for some new inspiration (I'll be a miracle worker if I ever get it done)
43) My mom and dad reluctantly support my knitting. They take me to my LYS whenever I need yarn, and they go halfsies (I made a new word!) with me with what I buy. This helps me be not as broke as I would be if I had to pay for all of it
44) This getting harder and harder as I get higher in the numbers. Think, think, there's lots of interesting stuff about me!
45) I have a habit of talking to myself whenever no one is around
46) I'll stop here, and finish later
47) This proves my point that I am a procrastinator

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