Monday, April 16, 2007

Where, oh where did the sunshine go? Where, oh where can it be?

That is exactly what I'm singing in my head right now as I look out the window to see a swimming pool in my neighbor's yard. When will the rain stop?! I know the old saying "April showers bring May flowers", but this is ridiculous. It has been raining for two straight days, and school was even canceled today because of flooding. Of course that means more knitting time, but I have been feeling headache-y and sniffly since yesterday. After waking up I feel even worse and I also have a very dry mouth because I can't breath through my nose. I have to tell everyone, I have not been a happy camper these past two days.

On another note, I finally finished my Magic Loop socks! I didn't have time to get a picture though, because I was so behind on time trying to finish them. My mom had to wrap them for me while I was upstairs changing out of my pajamas and into something decent (my Sesame Street t-shirt). I ran all the way over there (almost forgetting an umbrella, which was the stupidest thing I've done in a while), gave my "employer" the socks, and ran upstairs to go say hi to the little boy. He opened them, but didn't seem too happy. All that for nothing! My god, I was shaking trying to finish my socks, ran all the way over here, and he doesn't even like them. I was disapointed, but when I got home my mom said that she though it was odd to be making a pair of socks for her, but once she tried them on she wasn't able to take them off. She said it would be the same thing when he tried his on as well. That made me feel a little better, though I was horribly sniffly around that time and nothing cheered me up too much.

But one thing that cheers me up is that my Options arrived! I was so happy seeing them in the mail that I tore open the box without scissors. I immedietly organized everything into little packets with the cable size/needle size written on the front. I'm planning on trying them out today on another pair of Magic Loop socks for me this time with some Cascade Fixation. Wish me luck!

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You write very well.