Thursday, April 5, 2007

Noob Blogger...all you vets be nice
So this is my first and only blog, and now that I've started it I have no idea what to write about. I guess I should just start with 100 (ok, maybe not that much) things about me. At least, I'll try. I have to say, my life isn't very interesting. Remind me why I started a blog again?
1) I knit (way to point out the odvious, I know)
2) I belong to which is an awesome knitting forum
3) I play the clarinet
4) I am a big perfectionist. Everything I do, I try to do as best as I can.
5) That means that I usually get good grades
6) But surprisingly, I am a procrastinator. (<---sp?)
7) I have reddish hair
8) My family has no idea where the color came from
9) But my brother has the same color
10) People used to mistake my brother and I for twins
11) We are only 16 months apart
12) I have a nutso dog, named Suki (check out more photos of all my finished stuff, pets, ect.)
13) I am 5'2" and 96 lbs, just to give you a good idea about me. I actually look taller than I am, though, because I have long legs, like the rest of my family does.
14) I am constantly getting growing pains in my legs, which I dread, especially when I have to move around
15) I have braces and an expander. I hate them a lot, and whenever I get them changed I live on yogurt and ice cream.
16) My orthodontist is very vague about when I'm getting my expander off, let alone my braces.
17) I think I'll finish up later, I should go to bed soon. Want to catch the morning episode of Knitty Gritty!I hope you like my intro to my new blog. Sorry it's not more interesting, I promise it will get more so as it goes one!

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