Monday, June 18, 2007

"We gotta win!"

"Ok, so we gotta get psyched for Field Day today. This is no fun and games here. We gotta win!" That was my favorite pep talk of the day from one of my fellow classmates as we began our second and last field day of middle school. Although team spirit seemed to be higher in the sixth grade, us seventh graders still got out our war paint and taunting comments we had been saving up from the year before (and yes, I was one of the people with black streaks if you're wondering). At first, our odds didn't seem too good...we didn't have that many "athletic" players on our team. But as field day went on, we started tto think that we weren't doing that bad after all. I ended up placing in four out of my five events (first in 50m, third in 100m, second in 400m relay, and second in Pony Express). The running was the best out of all the events. Whenever I go to run a race, I get nervous and my legs start to feel jumpy, which helps me to get ahead even if I don't get a good start. That being said, I'm not a distance runner; it involves too much thinking about what I'm actually doing. When I sprint, in about fifteen or so seconds it's all over, no thinking involved there.

We ended up placing third overall, which was higher than all of us had expected. Way to go Mr. Miller's homeroom! Woohoo!

And of course, how can I go a post without some knitting? I just finished my section of the Oddball Blanket and am getting ready to mail it to the next Oddballer; I'm just waiting on the address from Shandeh on KH. I ended up running out of the blue Cascade 220 I was using, so I was grateful to last Oddballer who sent me her leftover purple 220. I worked the last inch in double seed stitch. I'm off to Michael's (my LYS isn't open...don't look at me that way!) so I can pick up some goodies for the next Oddballer. Now I'm just waiting for Oddball #1 to come!

Suki decided to join in on the action...don't worry, I got all the hair off. Tape roller thingies are common at my house. : )

Last week of school! Only three more days. The school year has gone so fast.

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