Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Schoooool's out for summer!

And how do I celebrate getting out of school last Thursday? I babysit. But I don't think I could've been any happier on my last day of school. Of course I was sad (I don't deal well with change-I once cried for hours when my mom moved our couch from one end of the room to the other when I was little), but I also felt like I was starting something new as well, like a fresh start. I didn't have a great year, and I'm looking forward to having a better one next year.

On a knitting note, I am still working on my mom's shawl (and have about 40 or so more inches to go!). Who knew lace could get boring? I'm actually dreading working on it, but I make myself pick it up everyday. I have a deadline and my mom reminds me of that every chance she gets. Just gotta keep knitting. *sigh*

I have also been doing charity knitting as well, which is why my mom's shawl didn't get many inches added to it over the last two weeks. The Oddball blanket has been sent off (with a couple of skeins of yarn inside) and I have also received the Oddball Earthtone Shawl. I'm all done with my three inches, but now I just have to (find) and knit it back onto the original needles. Whoops!

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